Czecherboard Quilts: Stories From My Father's Family - Softcover
# KCS057-6
From Kansas City Star Quilts
By Cook, Rose Ann
In Applique
The desire to know more about her father's family lead Rose Ann Cook not just to places and dates, but also to family members she didn't know and photographs she had never seen. As an avid quilter and quilt shop owner, she naturally turned to designing quilts to honor her father and remind her of the members of his family who were such an important part of his life and who were now a part of her family history.

From the Charming Baby quilt to The Old Patriot, there is a story that all can relate to, and a quilt that you will want to make. Rose Ann has also recreated an antique quilt that she rescued as a bonus quilt for you to make as an heirloom for your family.

Made in USA