DVD Free Motion Fun with Feathers Volume 2
From Patsy Thompson Designs
By Thompson, Patsy
In Multimedia
If you are looking for innovative design ideas to transform your free motion feathers into jaw dropping works of art, then this 2-disc DVD set is for you!

Beginning with a quick review of different design options to alter the character of a given feather, the lesson turns first to one-sided feathers. From there, Patsy discusses and demonstrates several different asymmetric feather designs. The tutorial then turns to a variety of new hyperquilting designs, and next to a chapter that teaches hyperquilting special effects. Lastly, Patsy teaches 4 variations of the “Feather Explosion” design, where background fill designs are created using feathers flowing from feathers. Altogether, this 2-disc set teaches more than 28 new feather designs, so if you’re a quilter who loves to stitch feathers, this DVD is a must-have!

Not in Chains

Made in USA