DVD Fast and Free Volume 2
From Patsy Thompson Designs
By Thompson, Patsy & Bode, Ernie
In Multimedia
Are you bored with stippling and searching for new design ideas? If you’re intrigued by the wonderful variety of textures created by intricate quilting designs, or if you just LOVE quilting and are on the lookout for novel background fill designs, then this instructional DVD is for you! With designs applicable to traditional quilts, contemporary quilts, and art quilts, Patsy explains and then demonstrates how to stitch 29 different designs and gives you the tools to create even more spin-off designs! The tutorial ends with a detailed instruction on how to build your own Plexiglas extension table for your short-arm, mid-arm, or long-arm machine…think of the money you’ll save over buying a frame system! With designs suitable for traditional quilts, contemporary quilts, and art quilts, what machine quilter wouldn’t benefit from a tutorial like this?!

Not in Chains

Made in USA