Grabobbin Magnetic Bobbin Holder
From Blue Feather Products
In Machine Aids
This 8" long rack made of white plastic has a round channel that holds bobbins on an embedded magnetic strip. Grabobbin™ anchors each bobbin tightly on its rim. It is easy to see the thread colors and to grab the desired bobbin. Grabobbin™ is also a wonderful tool for needle workers. Embroidery thread for a current project can be machine wound onto bobbins and kept all together on the bobbin holder. Simply pull out thread from a bobbin and watch it unwind in place on the holder! Grabobbin™ puts an end to runaway bobbins and loose ends or tangled threads. Unit measures 3/4"x1 1/4"x8".

Includes one empty metal bobbin.

Made in USA
$11.49 ea